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Teach Me Guitar is designed to provide the inquisitive guitarist with useful resources to help them progress. It can not replace a teacher but can be used to help your study.

My teaching method draws from a number of sources. I have given the minimum instruction needed to understand a subject, with links for those who wish to read more.

Most sections of this site are self explanatory. There is a News and Calendar page giving information for my students. I can upload recordings into the Student Work area. I am currently using the Blog to discuss important topics which do not yet have a place in my teaching method.

This site will answer any questions on learning classical guitar. If you have ever wondered how to play faster, read better or learn pieces, then this is the site for you!

I am not offering any short cuts. The best way to learn is to be thorough and to understand what you are trying to achieve. My aim is to make your practice more efficient, and more enjoyable.



This section contains:

  • Teaching Notes, to accompany my teaching. You can also access this direct from the home page.
  • There are also a number of smaller subjects, such as practising ideas, maintenance and tuning.
  • There is a useful section which gives advice on scales, you can also play along with recordings of your exam scales to make sure you are getting them right.
  • The Sightreading section sets out the limitations on what you may or may not be asked to read in your AB exams.
  • Exercise sheets, to help you improve specific areas of your playing. 


This section provides links to other useful sites,  as well as other information to help guitarists:

  • Online Resources provides links to sites offering everything from free music to theory lessons.
  • Guitarist Websites gives you the chance to find out more about some of the greatest concert guitarists.
  • Real Resources provides advice for buying equipment and music. It also provides links to festivals, ensembles, magazines and guitar clubs.
  • TMG Recommends lists books, CDs and DVDs which you will find useful and enjoy.
  • Free Scores allows you to download some of my arrangements
  • Fun Stuff provides some pictures for you to download and colour in