Sight Reading

The best way to improve your reading is by reading as much new music as possible. However, there are some important rules to follow:

  • Don't try anything too hard. Your reading practice shound challenge you but it will not be helping your sight reading if you need to stop and work the notes out.
  • Make sure you understand the time signature and the key signature.
  • Look through the piece before you start. You will be given thirty seconds to do this in an exam and it is important to use this time to identify any problems and to establsh a comfortable speed.

I have based my sightreading structure on ABRSM exam requirements. They have set out specific limits on what you can be asked to read and it makes sense to be comfortable with all the requirements before taking an exam.

Requirements/Limitations for ABRSM sight reading tests:

Grade One:

Grade Two:

Grade Three:

Grade Four:

Grade Five: