This section contains my thoughts on the best way to learn the guitar. I must stress that very few of my ideas are original. My teaching style is based on what I have learned from my years of playing. The end result is found in my Teaching Notes section. These notes are condensed and modified from a number of sources, referenced when relevent, particularly if I feel a technique may be controversial I have also included links to encourage you to read further.

Teaching Notes

This section provides notes to accompany my guitar lessons. It means I do not need to write pages of instruction in your practice diaries and you do not have to decipher my hand writing! It has also given me the opportunity to offer extra exercises and accompaniments. I have also offered a list of suitable pieces where appropriate.


This section provides advice for learning your ABRSM scales. There are tips for memorising, and suggestions as how to get the most out of your scales. I have recorded the scales so you can play along with me. There are also some 'backing tracks' so you can improvise with your scales, a much more fun way of memorising them!

Sight Reading

This section is based on the requirements for the ABRSM exams. The exam board is offering a progressive approach to sight reading. I have used the syllabus and the ABRSM sight reading examples to lay out the requirements for each grade. I have also suggested suitable pieces and exercises to ensure you are well prepared for this part of the test.

Other Sections

There are also a number of smaller subjects, such as practising ideas, maintenance and tuning, and choosing guitars.