February 2010

  • Books - Further Reading

    There are a number of books which I consider invaluable. They have helped me form my own teaching method. Whilst they may not be so useful to younger students, more advanced players should consider them essential reading.

  • Nails

    Growing your nails can lead to great improvements in your sound. It also creates a number of complications and without care, your nails will make it harder to play guitar. Rough nails can also make it sound like you are scraping them down a blackboard.

  • Preparing, Planting and Striking

    Great technique is all about economy. Why move your fingers more than you have to? Why use muscles when you don't need to? This article concentrates on use of the right hand.

  • What are the most important skills for a musician to develop?

    There are a number of fundamental skills for a musician to master. Posture, listening and reading must be three of the most important. There are many other areas to consider but we will start by exploring these three areas.