Grade One Scales

Use the media player on this page to play your scales along with me!

Grade one scales are great fun and really useful. You will find that your pieces will possibly be using the G major or the F major scale and it helps to be familiar with the scales  when learning the pieces. Take extra care to use the correct left hand fingering so pay attention to the notes and fingering in your scale book.

Scales should not be seen as an endurance test. You are not simply being rewarded for remembering the notes. You should play with a strong, clear tone (no buzzes or muffled notes) and you should also be playing legato (smooth with no gaps between the notes). Scales and arpeggios can also be used to make up your own tunes!

The G and F major scales should be played with the fingers. Walk your index and middle fingers (i and m). Make sure you play the correct rhythms! The E and A harmonic minor scales should be played with the thumb.

You should use freestrokes for your arpeggios. Again, take care to follow the left and right hand fingering given in your book.