Posture and Equipment


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Please read my notes on guitar equipment  to give you an idea of all the equipment you need. You should be able to buy this from your local music shop. Speak to me if you are worried or are having trouble.


This is really important; I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable so you can play at your best.
Firstly choose a chair to use for your guitar practice. It should be firm, like a dining room chair, rather than a sofa or a bed! Sit on the front of the chair. Your feet should rest flat on the floor, if not, you should find a smaller chair. Adjustable piano schools are very good. The seat of the chair should be reasonably flat to help you balance.

Sit with a straight back, don’t slouch! Use the footstall to raise your left leg. The footstall will be adjustable and  we will explore the ideal height for you, but this does depend on the size of the guitar and the height of your chair. As a rule of thumb, the height of the footstall should be the length of your hand. Your left leg will be directly in front of you, in a normal position. Your right leg will be out to the side so you can fit the guitar between your legs.
Now you finally get to hold the guitar! It sits on your left leg. The head of the guitar will be level with your head and the strings will be pointing towards your right knee.
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